What is KANBAN JUST-IN-TIME and KANBAN SERVIS? This is a system of boxes located directly at the selected workplace. These boxes are continuously replenished on our part, so there is no need for ordering. Each customer specifies their requirements and there is no need to worry about anything. The basic feature of JUST-IN-TIME = JIT ("just in time") is a significant reduction in inventory throughout the production system. All material is available on site, immediately available for collection.Next section
One box systemRack with boxes installed at the customer. Import of goods to the customer in the original packaging. On place stock is added to the boxes. We recommend that system in a workplace or warehouse where there is no regular serial production but the customer's focus is on a particular production area. For this reason, there is sufficient basic fastener material that repeats on individual products.
Two box systemRack with boxes installed at the customer. For the same kind, always two boxes in a row with a standby supply. If material is used in the front box, the worker removes the box and moves the second box to the front position from the rear position. With an empty box he will do the opposite. At the agreed time intervals specified by the customer, the supplier regularly adds empty boxes according to system 1. We recommend it at the serial production site for two-shift operation. The system eliminates production failure due to lack of fasteners.
Three box systemRack with boxes installed at the customer. For the same type of goods, there are always three boxes. The two boxes are located directly in the workplace in the same way as with the two-box system. The third box is always in full stock at the supplier's warehouse for immediate case replacement the empty box at the customer. We recommend that on intensive serial production with two-shift and continuous production. The system guarantees a regular and continuous supply of assembly fasteners and, at the same time, it is able to cover the increase in production and its fluctuations according to the specific production situation from the supplier's warehouse.
System, directly to the designated workplaceThe individual workplaces are equipped with boxes according to the specific needs of each individual workplace. Fasteners are supplied directly from the customer's inventory or on request from a service organization directly to the workplace. This system has proven to be in combination with "One Box System", from which the standby supplies are continuously replenished. We recommend it to the workplace with piece or small serial production, where each worker has a designated assembly point. This system can also be used by various service organizations to service and maintain various machinery.
Assembly systemWe will prepare and deliver complete sets / packages with fasteners material and other small parts (specified by agreement) for assembly, for completing your products on site or on individual production and assembly plants. The packaging of goods is determined and controlled fully and according to the customer's request. So it is possible to use different packaging materials, for preparing and picking sets / packages, such as cardboard boxes, paper wrapping, polyethylene bags with or without zipper, with printing and without printing, blisters, plastic boxes, crates, etc.
Package system according to BOMThis system in some functional parts "copied" the system according to point 5. The difference is in the individual precise realization of the creation of the "package set" according to the BOM for an individual product. This package is inserted in the final product phase, ie packaging and dispatch of products, into the packaging of the product itself. This material then serves to finally assemble the final product at the destination, at end user.